Server AntiVirus

Digital Defender Server Antivirus is a professional-grade antivirus solution for all supported Windows Server platforms.

Digital Defender Antivirus has won VB100 awards for detecting all known in the "wild" threats, however with its zero Hour protection it also stops the ones that nobody has seen before, plus speeding up your browsing experience by filter out unwanted popups and ads.

Utilizing our AV engine, which currently protecting millions of computers worldwide, Digital Defender Server Antivirus ensures administrators can rest assured that they are protected by one of the truly world-class solutions.

Digital Defender Server Antivirus offers its customers a compelling reason to subscribe to its powerful virus protection capabilities:

Stops All Known Viruses

Digital Defender AntiVirus has won numerous awards for stopping all known viruses

Kontroll-Zeitplan Scanning

Benutzer können kontrollieren, wenn ihr Computer abgesucht wird, volle Scans zu vermeiden, während das Benutzen der Maschine.

No Rebooting

Server AntiVirus is designed to protect your Server all the time without the need for reboots.


Neuer verbesserter Schutz basierend auf behavioural-Analyse, Wenn sich dein Computer bemüht, ein Programm zu starten, das verdächtig ist, auch wenn kein Antivirus wirken Verkäufer je vorher diese besondere Drohung gesehen hat, kann Digital Defender Antivirus immer noch deinen PC schützen.

Email notification

Notifications, such as detections, updates and scans can be sent directly to your email.

Self Repairing

Crash safe technology, autostarts if it detects any issue, delviering extra piece of mind for sysadmins.

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Digital Defender Server AntiVirus protects our servers, and removes much of the worry from my job.

Sam Lloyd


The best value for money solution to protecting our data. Super easy interface and email notification. What more can you ask.

Geraldine Walsh


Very light on system resources, Server AntiVirus has consistently offered great protection for a number of years now.

James Knight